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Aloha Walk Up Window 2020.jpg

Well, 2020 certainly isn't turning out as any of us had hoped, that's for certain.... and like many others we here at the Aloha Camp Store are having to adapt in an effort to stay in business and continue to serve our locals & visitors in a safe and efficient way.

So here is our solution, it isn't perfect and we are working daily to make it even better and we need your help to make this season a safe and fun one for us all.  Your suggestions, patience and cooperation are greatly appreciated.  And hey,  we have been looking forward to seeing each and every one of you for months now, welcome back!

You will notice we have made some changes to the side of the store facing the road, going back years to how this store use to operate with a pass through window.  In fact we brought the original Ice Cream window back and added a second bigger sliding window to serve all other products through.  So you can safely walk up and get anything and everything we have through one of these two windows without having to come inside.

We are a small store and we want to keep You and our Staff safe and still offer an enjoyable and efficient Camp Store experience.  So we are still open to inside shoppers and you can come in, but we ask that you please wear a mask and practice safe social distancing from others while you shop.  Please help us make this a safe, stress free and enjoyable season for everyone.  

We deeply appreciate the support and loyalty you have shown us over these many years and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.   OK, Let's CAMP!

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